Special Mention List

Special Mention Total ( Since 2012 ): 1618
Special Mention List
S.No. Raised Date Ministry Name Subject Status
1600 18/12/2013 FINANCE Demand to allocate funds for development of six districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region having special status Final
1602 05/09/2013 ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS Demand to take urgent steps for repair and reconstruction of National Highway No.98 Final
1603 29/08/2013 RAILWAYS Raised a matter regarding need to lay a new railway line from Ujjain Junction to Jhalawad. Final
1604 08/08/2013 EDUCATION Demand to take steps to reduce stress among students in the country. Final
1605 08/05/2013 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Demand to protect the people of Sonbhadra District in Uttar Pradesh from pollution being spread by thermal power plant Final
1606 03/05/2013 EDUCATION Demand to set up a regulatory mechanism to monitor engineering profession in the country. Final
1607 14/03/2013 FISHERIES, ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND DAIRYING Demand to take effective steps to resolve the problems being faced by fishermen in the country Final
1608 13/03/2013 EDUCATION Demand to amend the Right to Education Act. Final
1609 11/03/2013 EDUCATION Lack of basic amenities in schools in Jharkhand Final
1610 20/12/2012 COAL Demand to take immediate steps to maintain availability of coal for power sector in the country Final
1611 20/12/2012 COAL Demand for immediate steps to maintain availability of coal for power sector in the country Final
1612 17/12/2012 EDUCATION Demand to frame a uniform education policy in the country Final
1613 17/12/2012 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT Demand to include the people belonging to Maira community of Jharkhand in the Central list of Other Backward Category. Final
1614 13/12/2012 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Demand to rename the Tropical Diseases Institute in Patna as the Samrat Ashoka Tropical Diseases Institute. Final
1615 11/12/2012 RAILWAYS Need for introduction of a train between Kachch and Hyderabad. Final
1616 11/12/2012 RAILWAYS Need to take concrete steps to check increasing number of accidents in Mumbai Sub-urban Railways. Final
1617 23/11/2012 CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS Demand to take deterrent action against pharma companies responsible for unethical clinical trials in the country Pending
1618 14/05/2012 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT Regarding need for implementation of SC Sub-plan Final