विशेष उल्लेख सूची

कुल विशेष उल्लेख (2012 से): 1612
विशेष उल्लेख सूची
क्रम.सं. मांगी गयी तारीख मंत्रालय का नाम विषय स्थिति
2 09/08/2023 HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS Matter regarding need to develop Agroha as a heritage city and tourist destination. Pending
1 09/08/2023 MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES Matter regarding need to rescue Agarbathi Industry in the country. Pending
12 08/08/2023 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Matter concern over closed sugar mills of Western Uttar Pradesh Pending
3 08/08/2023 EDUCATION Matter regarding rising cases of suicides among students. Pending
6 08/08/2023 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Matter concern over spreading of diseases due to contaminated water in Delhi NCR. Final
7 08/08/2023 EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Matter regarding demand for removal of restrictions on movement of four wheelers on Indo-Nepal Aligarhwa checkpost Final
9 08/08/2023 FINANCE Matter regarding non-deposit of tax deducted from the income of the assessee by their employer. Pending
8 08/08/2023 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Regarding need to adopt strong FOPL Regulations ensuring warning labels on HFSS foods Pending
11 08/08/2023 LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT Matter regarding need to establish a National Building and Construction Workers Fund by amending the relevant Acts. Pending
10 08/08/2023 NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY Matter regarding need for ending dependence on coal during high electricity demands. Final
4 08/08/2023 RAILWAYS Matter regarding late running of train No.12892 from Puri to Bangriposi. Pending
5 08/08/2023 YOUTH AFFAIRS & SPORTS Matter regarding demand for a National Centre of Excellence in Tamil Nadu for recognising and Nurturing Sporting Talent Pending
13 02/08/2023 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Matter regarding need for establishing a Centre of Excellence and Research Institutes on Millets in Odisha. Pending
23 02/08/2023 COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Matter regarding project on the Nucleus Breeding Centre. Final
22 02/08/2023 EDUCATION Matter regarding need to introduce a special scheme which avails more than 8 percenton deposits of mentally challenged children. Pending
14 02/08/2023 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Matter regarding impact of climate change in India. Final
18 02/08/2023 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Matter regarding establishment of paper mill in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Final
17 02/08/2023 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Matter regarding opening of CGHS wellness Centre at Kolhapur (Maharashtra). Pending
19 02/08/2023 HOME AFFAIRS Matter regarding unprecedented rains, which led to flash floods in many parts of Telangana. Final
21 02/08/2023 JAL SHAKTI Matter regarding drinking water in Kuttanad (Kerala). Final