Special Mention List

Special Mention Total ( Since 2012 ): 1572
Special Mention List
S.No. Raised Date Ministry Name Subject Status
56 21/12/2022 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE regarding need for infrastructure and manpower for better CGHS operations in Visakhapatnam. Pending
41 21/12/2022 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE regarding need to revise list of beneficiaries of BPL and Ayushman Card Schemes as per population of 2021. Final
57 21/12/2022 HEAVY INDUSTRIES regarding need to pay pending salary/wages to the employees of Heavy Engineering Corporation Jharkhand. Final
55 21/12/2022 HEAVY INDUSTRIES regarding need to take action on illegal occupation and encroachment on the lands of PSUs namely HMT and IDPL in Hyderabad. Final
31 21/12/2022 HOME AFFAIRS ding need for restoration of public immigration service at Mahadipur, Malda District of West Bengal. Final
49 21/12/2022 HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS regarding need to facilitate synchronization of data on State rural-households portal with Awas plus list. Final
52 21/12/2022 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to take steps to prevent wastage of water and promote its conservation. Final
37 21/12/2022 JAL SHAKTI regarding need for a permanent solution for sea erosion in Puducherry and adjoining areas of Tamil Nadu. Final
45 21/12/2022 JAL SHAKTI regarding the acute water scarcity in Shekhawati area of Rajasthan. Final
32 21/12/2022 PERSONNEL,PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS regarding need to simplify the mandatory requirement of annual renewal of the Other Backward Classes certificate by submission of an Affidavit at the time of application. Pending
35 21/12/2022 RAILWAYS regarding need for approval of funds for the work of doubling the railway line on the Billi-Chopan-Chunar Railway Section. Final
43 21/12/2022 RAILWAYS regarding need for ambulance facilities for patients in long distance trains. Pending
39 21/12/2022 RAILWAYS regarding need to give a stoppage of Shatabdi Express running between Channai-Bengaluru (12027 and 12028) at Jolarpet. Final
40 21/12/2022 RAILWAYS regarding need to start new Railway line project from Mailaani - Farukhabad. Final
53 21/12/2022 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT regarding need for zero fees for SC/ST and poor students for different courses in colleges and universities of Uttar Pradesh. Final
34 21/12/2022 WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT regarding need for amending the POCSO Act to revise the age of consent. Final
51 21/12/2022 YOUTH AFFAIRS & SPORTS regarding need for necessary steps to promote sports and improve Indias performance in the sports world. Final
67 20/12/2022 CIVIL AVIATION Matter regarding need for air connectivity between Kerala and Lakshadweep and amongst its islands. Final
68 20/12/2022 COAL Matter regarding need to release pending compensation alongwith arrears to farmers of Ramgarh district in Jharkhand by Coal India Ltd. Final
63 20/12/2022 COMMUNICATION Matter regarding security of information stored in imported communication equipment in various Government offices. Final