विशेष उल्लेख सूची

कुल विशेष उल्लेख (2012 से): 1618
विशेष उल्लेख सूची
क्रम.सं. मांगी गयी तारीख मंत्रालय का नाम विषय स्थिति
30 02/08/2023 COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Matter regarding project on the Nucleus Breeding Centre. Final
29 02/08/2023 EDUCATION Matter regarding need to introduce a special scheme which avails more than 8 percenton deposits of mentally challenged children. Pending
21 02/08/2023 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Matter regarding impact of climate change in India. Final
25 02/08/2023 ENVIRONMENT, FORESTS & CLIMATE CHANGE Matter regarding establishment of paper mill in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Final
24 02/08/2023 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Matter regarding opening of CGHS wellness Centre at Kolhapur (Maharashtra). Final
26 02/08/2023 HOME AFFAIRS Matter regarding unprecedented rains, which led to flash floods in many parts of Telangana. Final
28 02/08/2023 JAL SHAKTI Matter regarding drinking water in Kuttanad (Kerala). Final
22 02/08/2023 LAW AND JUSTICE Matter regarding setting up of e-filing Centres and Virtual Courts. Final
23 02/08/2023 RAILWAYS Matter regarding Vande Bharat train for Meerut, Uttar Pradesh Pending
27 02/08/2023 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT Matter regarding need for taking immediate decision on treating Kori-Koli caste as one and bringing them under SC category. Final
34 27/07/2023 ELECTRONICS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Matter regarding Need for development of National Strategy for optimising Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accelerating India (AI). Final
35 27/07/2023 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Regarding demand to ban the online sale of Medicines and to regulate e-pharmacies in India with stringent law. Pending
32 27/07/2023 LAW AND JUSTICE Matter regarding demand to rename the country as Bharat by amending Article-1 of the Indian Constitution. Final
31 27/07/2023 RAILWAYS Regarding safety on Railways premises Pending
36 27/07/2023 RAILWAYS Regarding demand to consider railway recruitment of Course Completed Act Apprentices (CCAAs). Final
33 27/07/2023 STATISTICS AND PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION Matter regarding demand for enhancement of amount under MPLAD Scheme Final
46 26/07/2023 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Matter regarding demand for establishment of Agricultural Marketing Centre (Mandi) in every State. Final
47 26/07/2023 CIVIL AVIATION Matter regarding demand for operationalisation of Solapur Airport under Regional Connectivity Scheme. Final
38 26/07/2023 CONSUMER AFFAIRS ,FOOD AND PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION Matter regarding demand for recognizing Assamese Script in ISO-15924 and ISO/IEC-10646. Pending
39 26/07/2023 EDUCATION Matter regarding need for National Children Centric Environmental policies. Final