Rule 377 List

Rule 377 Total ( Since 2019 ): 4864, Pending: 302, Final: 4562
Rule 377 List
S.No. Raised Date Ministry Name Subject Status
4461 22/07/2019 HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS need to take suitable step for rehabilitation of Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters residents presently occupying land owned by the Mumbai Airport Authority. Final
4462 22/07/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding water scarcity in Bharuch parliamentary constituency, Gujarat. Final
4463 22/07/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding drinking water problem in Dausa parliamen-tary constituency, Rajasthan. Final
4464 22/07/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding land erosion caused by Sone River in Palamu parliamentary constituency, Jharkhand. Final
4465 22/07/2019 LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT regarding employment and unemployment allowance to SCs/STs. Final
4466 22/07/2019 RAILWAYS regarding need to construct railway line between Sultanganj and Banka in Bihar. Final
4467 22/07/2019 RAILWAYS regarding stoppage of trains at Podanur railway station, Tamil Nadu. Final
4468 22/07/2019 RAILWAYS regarding redesigning of Cossimbazar Railway station in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Final
4469 22/07/2019 ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS regarding need to construct approach roads to bridge constructed between Daulatpur and Lakhnaiti over Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh. Final
4470 22/07/2019 RURAL DEVELOPMENT regarding need to extend benefits of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand. Final
4471 22/07/2019 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT regarding need to provide disabled-friendly facilities in public buildings and transport system. Final
4472 22/07/2019 SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT Sule regarding implementation of Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana in Maharashtra. Final
4473 18/07/2019 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE regarding monitoring of Agriculture colleges in the country. Final
4474 18/07/2019 COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY regarding need to take measures to boost export of gold jewellery. Final
4475 18/07/2019 COMMUNICATIONS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY regarding need to appoint local people as postman. Final
4476 18/07/2019 FINANCE regarding licence to opium farmers in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Final
4477 18/07/2019 FINANCE regarding funding for real estate development in Mumbai. Final
4478 18/07/2019 HOME AFFAIRS regarding need to include Rajasthani language in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. Final
4479 18/07/2019 HOME AFFAIRS regarding progress in cases relating to Bodoland movement. Final
4480 18/07/2019 HOME AFFAIRS regarding inclusion of Rajasthani language in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. Final