Citizen's Charter (Summary)

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
Government of India
New Delhi

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs aims to facilitatethe pursuit of excellence in governance


The Body of Citizens we serve:

  • The two Houses of Parliament and their Secretariats
  • Members of Parliament
  • Central Government Ministries/Departments and Organisations
  • State Governments/UT Administrations
  • Educational institutions


To Central Government Ministries/Departments and Organizations

Functional support to the Ministries/Departments and other Government Organisations and, wherever necessary, to State Governments/UT Administrations such as:

  • Secretarial assistance to the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs on summoning and prorogation of the Houses of Parliament and Government 's stand on Private Member's Bills and Resolutions
  • Planning, mapping and monitoring of legislative business of the Ministries/Departments
  • Coordination of work in association with Ministries/Departments relating to fulfillment of parliamentary assurances including laying of implementation reports on fulfilled assurances on the Table of the respective House of Parliament
  • Arranging meetings on behalf of the Ministries/Departments on various matters of importance with leaders of political parties/groups in Parliament
  • Providing advice to Ministries/Departments on parliamentary practices and procedures in keeping with the changing milieu and conventions and for training their officers handling of parliamentary work.
  • Forwarding the list of matters of urgent public importance raised under Rule 377 in Lok Sabha and Special Mentions in Rajya Sabha, weekly, and follow up action regarding expeditious replies to the pending matters.
  • Forwarding the extracts of Zero-Hour matters for appropriate action.
  • Updating of Manual for handling Parliamentary Work in Ministries and queries relating thereto.
  • Conducting Orientation Courses in Parliamentary Practices and Procedures for the Officers of (i) central government ministries/departments and (ii) State governments/Union territories.

To the Houses of Parliament and their Secretariats

By performing the work of a coordinating agency on behalf of the Government for facilitating:

  • intimation of decision of the Government on the summoning and prorogation the House
  • provision of essential inputs in respect of Government Business for meetings of Business Advisory Committees of the Houses of Parliament
  • furnishing of day-do-day lists of Government business to be taken up by the Houses of Parliament
  • following of proper procedures by the Ministries/Departments in respect of their Parliamentary work such as legislative proposals, laying of papers, reports etc.
  • prompt action on behalf of the Government as a whole and of its constituent Ministries/Departments in particular on directions, both of a specific or a general nature, given from time to time by the Presiding Officers of the Houses of Parliament
  • representation, wherever necessary, on behalf of the Government as a whole, at meetings of the Committees of the Houses of Parliament and for coordinating action especially in respect of those directions or recommendations of a general nature given by the Committees
  • any other liaison work, as may be required from time to time between the Houses or their Secretariats, with the Government.

To Members of Parliament

By taking necessary action for:

  • framing and amending, as may be required from time to time, legislation in respect of salaries, allowances and amenities of Members of Parliament, the leaders of opposition and leaders and whips of various parties/groups in Parliament
  • intimating them on the fulfillment of assurances made by Ministers in the house during matters raised by the Members either through Questions or during the course of debates in the House
  • rendering assistance to individual Members of Parliament on matters relating to their welfare, including such matters as nomination on Commissions, Committees, Boards etc. set up by the Government, monitoring progress of treatment during hospitalisation, and assistance to the family in the unfortunate eventuality of death of the Member
  • sponsoring Government delegations of Members of Parliament to other countries to help them to utilise their expertise and services for shaping foreign policy and maintaining friendly relations with other countries.

To State Governments/UT Administrations

To render any assistance that may be required by them for:

  • advice on parliamentary procedures/practices
  • providing training to their officers on parliamentary procedures and practices
  • Organising Youth Parliament Competitions on Parliamentary systems and procedures.

To Educational Institutions

In connection with the 'Youth Parliament Scheme' being organised by the Ministry to organisations such as the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Universities and States/UTs for organizing 'Youth Parliament Competitions' in their schools by:

  • organising All India Level National Competitions
  • conducting Orientation Courses for providing information and material to teachers and other resource persons/coordinators on the conduct of the Competitions in their educational institutions
  • providing financial assistance to certain organisations for the conduct of the Competitions.


  • The Ministries may acknowledge receipt of the communication forwarding the assurance and promptly send acknowledgment of receipt along with details of officers etc. who would be in charge of implementation. They are also expected to initiate preliminary action to fulfill the assurances, without waiting for the formal communication, wherever the fact that an assurance has been made is explicit/obvious.
  • All procedural requirements may be met before reports are sent. In case it is proposed to lay a part fulfillment report the same may be indicated clearly.
  • Copies of extracts sent by the Secretariats to ministries/deptts. of the next day, to be received by us by next Monday. The ministries should send the replies to the Hon'ble members on the matters raised within one pending month from the date of raising the matter and endorse a copy of the reply to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs & Lok/Rajya Sabha Secretariats, as the case may be.
  • Ministries, who receive the extracts in the first instance, should settle the matters regarding transfer of these matters, wherever, necessary, expeditiously and intimate the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and the Lok/Rajya Sabha Secretariats.
  • Directorate of Education & NDMC, KVS/JNS and Lecturers/Dean of Universities are required to furnish the name of teachers of selected schools for the Orientation Course well in advance of the scheduled date each year.
  • A copy of the reply, to the extracts of matters raised during zero hour in Lok/Rajya Sabha if any, sent to the Members, may be endorsed to this Ministry.
  • Officers of Ministries/Deptts. familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Manual for reference/use wherever necessary.
  • Ministries/Departments/States/UTs are expected to send their nominations for the Orientation Courses in time
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